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Model Checking

Model checking means quality assurance of the 3D model. During the checking process it is automatically analyzed whether all required information is available, can be trusted and the model follows all criteria and guidelines. Using model checking reduces design errors significantly.

Solibri Model Checker

Solibri Model CheckerTM is a BIM quality assurance software solution that analyzes Building Information Models and architectural and engineering designs for integrity, quality and physical safety. In addition Solibri Model Checker includes functionality for information take-out, analyzing and extracting the information available in BIM models. Solibri Model Checker targets zero design errors, producing cost savings in construction projects, and in more effective modeling and quality assurance. With a single mouse click, the system analyzes the building information model and reveals potential flaws and weaknesses in the design, highlights the clashing components and checks that the model complies with BIM requirements and organization’s best practices.

It Sounds So Simple

It really should be too. Using a BIM model amongst a project consultant team, should enable you and your fellow consultants to run a consistent data set, which with the use of a model checker, could ensure seamless interaction, with a constant report base to satisfy quality assurance requirements.

Where do project consultant teams position themselves in respect of this BIM based quality assurance? Some consultants are not really aware of the level of data analysis that is possible. Several misconceptions are prevalent, including some of my favorites:

1. BIM models are inaccurate, this could ofcourse been before the announcement of products that do model checks for accuracy, notwithstanding, BIM is about accuracy, not only accuracy at the level of one office, but for the entire consultant team

2. BIM is slow, there is quite simply, nothing faster than having the entire consultant team working accurately at all times

3. BIM is not for designers, wow, what more could a designer want than to have every possible piece of information at their fingertips at all times

After the initial introduction of the topics, I will in the next weeks spend some time on analyzes of every topic.

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3 Responses to Model checking

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  2. André says:

    The use of energy modeller software used to require proficient building services expertise. EcoDesigner allows architects to compare the sustainability of various design options and change the project in the early design phase, when it is still easy to do so.

    Taken from “World Architecture News Awards 2010”, for the full article, go to:

  3. Paul Meyer says:

    SANS 204 comes into effect 9 November 2011, as passed by minister of public works. Part XA with serious amount of energy compliance calculation. Huge oppertunity for BIM implementation. Eco designer alone will not probably meet requirements……

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