real BIM projects…yes they exist

I have been in discussion recently with the organisers of a BIM summit in Johannesburg, planned for August 2012. I must admit, I am looking forward to IT, should be an interesting experience.

As the discussions developed, I realised our local BIM needs two things desperately:

  1. confidence, yes, confidence, many people in SADC use a BIM software within their own discipline, however project wide is a very different level of treachery, which most design consultants and contractors are not willing to enter into
  2. industry support, we need the local market place to embrace BIM, suppliers need to provide specifications of energy ratings on their products and BIM models, not 2D drawings

Here in SADC, we have the full benefit of first world information, in BIM, this is true too, here in SADC we know what every BIM software manufacturer claims it’s products can do, we further are constantly notified of high end European building product manufacturers, who have published more and more BIM based online product. It must mean that we in SADC generally know what BIM is all about in the first world, what then is the reason for such a low BIM project take up? I believe it’s confidence and industry support.

To give some positives, I have decided to create a real BIM projects series, talking about local projects, suppliers, product, circumstances and more, related to real implementation, my series will be published under the following chapters:

  1. real projects in SADC using BIM today
    • project details
    • project challenges
    • BIM advantages on selected projects
    • end to end BIM project consultants, designers to contractors
  2. BIM technical support in SADC today
    • BIM training centres
    • BIM certification
    • BIM service providers
  3. building industry BIM support in SADC today
    • manufacturer product models
    • manufacturer product specifications
  4. digital aids to BIM

The series by no means is suggested to be exhaustive, rather to highlight the prevalence of activity to address the lack of confidence amongst most and to further encourage a greater support level from all members of the industry. Your input is welcomed at every instance.


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