spires & random encounters in South-Western-Central Europe

I am mostly going to focus on churches, monuments and art in this post, but I thought that this humble earthmover had some stately splendour in it’s pose, that warranted it’s inclusion…

My annual excursion to Europe for business with enforced pleasure, took me to Barcelona, Narbonne, Wiesbaden and Dresden…I saw some good stuff out there…here are the highlights…

in Barcelona…gonna get in trouble for this possibly…the religion is football…or maybe the “other” religion…

Camp Nou Barcelona, home of yes you know it, Messi and FC Barcelona, got to pick a blade of the sacred turf…

Tasted not unlike my lawn at home, but judging from the behaviour of the other visitors around me, it was the nectar of the gods, hard to grasp for a Durban boy, who’s host nation could not get past stage 1 in the recent World Cup…ah 2010, you promised so much…

Water’s edge, 8pm, Port Vell, Barcelona Harbour…beautiful moment, felt warmer than it was, a momentary escape from the extreme bustle that is the city of Barcelona…



pick pockets




many people

It was actually quite beautiful, it took quite some time to finish dinner and depart from the water’s edge, this is getting flowery…apologies bloggers…moving on

Columbus statue

at end of La Ramblas

statue like


very busy circle

very busy


Gaudi…no comment really…

Work time now, foyer of conference gala dinner

no idea really where this is, except near harbour

great sound and lights show, followed by some traditional dance and dinner ofcourse

really a great evening



Now for a big day in my life. Always been a bit of a Dali lover, since high school, to the great concern of my art teacher and principal unfortunately, but this guy made me “see”…thank you Señor!

Small square adjacent to the Dali museum in Figueres, Spain, super wow, select works to follow, no comment…

Mind blowing “trip” that was…

a boy in a candy store…

loved it…

inspired to look in the mirror again…again…


was supposed to be no comment, but really, really…

on with wow overdose…back to Barcelona…Sagrada Familia…took my family

thought the cranes did a particularly good job trying to “fit” in

it was wow…really

Barcelona communications tower, Tibidabo mountain

Byzantine church on top of Tibidabo mountain, some 500 meters plus above the city, it was a clear day, spot the Pyrenees in the backgrounds of the north facing photos, yes, they have snow and yes, they look like clouds. The views were breathtaking…cannot imagine how these spires were built in this position… and yes, I took that photo!

Germany time

Wiesbaden’s Market Church

a magnificent red brick structure in the heart of the old city in Wiesbaden

Hope Church



Wiesbaden’s Neroberg Temple, built in 1851


The hill features a funicular, built in 1888, climbing 80m at a 25%, propelled by a water ballast – GO GREEN ENERGY!!! It is considered as a technological landmark!


The Russian Orthodox church on the hill, with STUNNING gold leaf domes.



To the village of Eltville now

In the heart of the Rhein Riesling Wine region.

The Monastery of Eberbach

where basically wine has been produced for about 800 years by monks who settled there from the French Bordeaux region.

Apparently there was no heating, poor windows, cold stone, very little sleep and a lot of choir practice, this makes for a very good white wine…good job chaps!

Just to enjoy again, the sheer splendour of Wiesbaden’s Market Church.


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